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Power User Discounts

Power User Discounts

Many of our Wedding Suppliers offer an exclusive discount to Power Users, up to 50% discount!

There are loads of benefits in becoming a Power User, but this benefit means becoming a Power User can actually save you money! Look for the discounts promoted on our suppliers advertising. The better the discounts the more little hearts you will see on their Online Adverts and all other forms of advertising.

So if a photographer charges £1,000 and offers a 20% discount to Power Users you would save £200 (and it only costs £20 to become a Power User)!

You can easily search for our suppliers who are offering a discount to Power Users, simply go to the 'Suppliers' section and search for the category you are interested in, and then you will be able to sort the order of discounts. The highest discounts to Power Users is shown first and those not offering a discount last.

To claim your discount you MUST mention that you are a UKbride Power User and give them your Forum name!

To find out more about becoming a Power User simply click here.

If you are an advertiser on UKbride and wish to offer a discount to Power Users...

All you have to do is go to your 'My Details' section and enter the discount you wish to offer only to Power User (these are brides-to-be who use the site on a regular basis). The discount can be as high as you wish, but can not be lower than 10%. To check if the incoming enquiry is an actual Power User simply look in the Power User section or contact UKbride.