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Khadie Patel Wins Wedding Flowers!

Khadie Patel Wins Wedding Flowers!

UKbride Power User Khadie Patel has won her wedding flowers courtesy of Fiona Halliburton!

Congratulations to Khadie Patel who is the most recent winner of our monthly Power User prize competitions!

"I work in financial reporting for RBS and I met my partner Tom on a night out in Manchester."

"He got locked out of my flat and told me he broke the door down with a crowbar! Then I rushed home from work and our table was covered in rose petals and he was on one knee."

"The planning’s going really well! We’ve got a venue and a photographer booked. Not chosen the dress yet, but I do like the idea of an overskirt dress."

"It felt amazing to win this prize!! I never win anything, so to know I won something for my wedding was a fabulous feeling!!"

"I love using UKBride! It makes the planning process much easier. And having them on Facebook gives me piece of mind that other brides have some of the same issues as me!!! I’ve been using the site for about six months now and I do love it."
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