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Kelly Spurway wins her entire photography package!

UKbride has teamed with Jacky Badenhorst Photography from Bristol to offer Kelly a truly incredible Power User Prize - £1,000 worth of wedding photography!

£1,000 of stunning wedding photography was this month's prize and Power User Kelly was the winner.

Kelly and her partner Jacob live in Barnstaple. Kelly works in retail and Jacob is a builder.

"He proposed in July 2016 and we've slowly been planning bits and bobs since; we haven’t set a date yet," says Kelly."I'm more of a last minute person!"

"I pretty much know exactly what I want for the day. I know what dress I want but haven’t chosen one just yet."

"I’ve never won anything before so I'm over the moon to have won this prize. It feels amazing and I love the fact that it’s something so important for my wedding."

"I really enjoy using UKbride, and I've been on the site for a number of months now. I find it very helpful."

"I've also had a look at Jacky’s site and her photos are fantastic! I can’t wait to meet her and get another step closer to my dream day."