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Jess and Emma win wedding gifts!

Jess and Emma win wedding gifts!

Couple Jess and Emma are the winners of UKbride’s September Power User prize! They will receive £500 worth of wedding gifts from prize donor Prezola, a wedding gift list website…

We called Jess to announce she’d won the prize; this is what she had to say.

“If I’m honest I feel a bit sick!” says an excited Jess. “I never expected a phone call from UKbride. Safe to say my two hour driving lesson I went on almost as soon as I got off the phone was a little jumpy. Lesson learnt; don't go driving when your emotions are all over the place!”

“We have been members on the site since 2011 and I’ve been one of those members who goes mental on it. I don’t sign off until the early morning but then disappear for months on end too. Sorry girls, I do miss you!!”

“The forums are always full of positive ideas and the perfect place to rant about the in-laws - we have all been there! I've had my rants but also picked up wonderful ideas from everyone too.”

“We first met back in 2009 in an online chatroom of all things,” says Jess. “I was the first person she ‘came out’ too, and she didn’t expect me to be gay too. I was living down in Northampton, and she lived in Birmingham. After just a month, I went to see her. Needless to say I didn’t want to return home and things went from strength to strength.”

“Emm originally proposed after just three months together - we were having a picnic overlooking the city and she dug a ring out of her pocket. I could have thrown her down the hill!”

“After that night it was never mentioned again for what felt like forever. We attended a festival in 2011 and sat around a campfire, I knew it was now or never - my turn! This time I pulled out the rings and the words were, “So are you going to set a date to become my wife then or are we just staying childhood engaged forever?”

“As soon as we got home we went to panic stations; we needed to get our Civil Partnership done as soon as possible. We wanted children and to do this, to be on the certificate, we needed to be legally married. We brought the wedding forward and I’ve never stopped regretting it. I of course don’t regret marrying Emm, but we didn't have the time or money to do it the way we liked. Not long after, it was made legal for us to marry like every straight couple, and we knew this is what we wanted to do, keeping our original anniversary date. No more of this civil partnership stuff, we want to be married legally and do it the best way we can.”

“No dresses have been chosen yet. We have both lost a considerable amount of weight since our partnership in 2012, but we want to still lose at least another five stone before we start the hunt for our dresses. At our civil partnership only one family member came on my side. Since then, I have found four more siblings I didn’t no existed and a truck load of nieces and nephews who I want to share the day with."

“I hadn’t spotted the Prezola website before, however it seems very well laid out and something I sure wish I had spotted earlier!”

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