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How to Handle a Bridesmaid-zilla…

How to Handle a Bridesmaid-zilla…

So many brides come to us with problems in their bridal party. It can be a nightmare having a bad bridesmaid, but there are solutions to your party problems!

So, one of the biggest bridesmaid problems is that they hate the dress they’re wearing. It’s tempting to go crazy at them – after all, the bridesmaid’s main role is to wear the dress they’re given – but put yourself in their shoes for a second. Sit down and talk with them about it; is it the colour? The fit?


If you find out what she dislikes, you may be able to change it for her. If you’re not willing to move on your decision, or she hates everything about the dress, ask her politely that she has to wear what is told; if you change all of the dresses, someone else may not like the new style.


Another problem is bridesmaids who just don’t respond to messages and put minimal effort into planning with you. The first thing you need to do is think about the last time you asked how she was. If you can’t remember, make sure to talk to her about her. Weddings can consume you sometimes and you have to remember they may not be as excited as you are.


If she just refuses to talk to you, call her and meet up for coffee. Explain how you feel, and see why she’s not responding. Tell her you need her and her input. And if that doesn’t work or she kicks off about her duties, you need someone else to fill her place; she doesn’t want to be a bridesmaid so don’t force her.


On the flipside, if you have a control freak bridesmaid, who is wedding-mad but overly enthusiastic with her input, give her specific tasks to do. Make sure she’s always busy and always has something to do. That will keep her happy and stop her from providing her opinions.


Hope that helps to solve your bridesmaid-zilla stress!!