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First Dance to Disney!

First Dance to Disney!

Are you a massive Disney fan but are unsure on how to involve Walt in your wedding? Well, having one of Disney’s many beautiful love songs as your first dance is the perfect solution…

Our number one suggestion has to be the Lion King’s Can You Feel the Love Tonight. It’s such a beautiful song and a Disney classic! Elton John does a great cover too.

Another beautiful film, Lady and the Tramp, has that unforgettable scene where they’re eating spaghetti and end up kissing! Well, they do it to the beautiful Bella Notte. This is a great song if you want a really romantic feel to your day.

Wanting to be a little more modern? Tangled has the beautiful scene where Rapunzel and Eugene are sat on the boat looking at the lanterns singing I See the Light. Alternatively, Frozen’s Love is an Open Door is just as sweet.

Tale as Old as Time from Beauty and the Beast and A Whole New World from Aladdin are also beautiful songs to start your evening with all your friends and family around.