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Butlers with Bums

A Hen Party to Remember from Butlers with Bums


Butlers with Bums is the perfect entertainment for your hen celebrations and with its competitive prices starting from just £40 per hour, you can't go wrong.

The lucky bride will receive one butler for two hours in any main city centre for a hen party.

Their buff butlers will add a cheeky twist to your hen do and keep you entertained with an array of party tricks. They will host your night whilst waiting on you and your guests. They can get involved or host any of your party games, make you cocktails and even serve food and drink.

This is all while they show off their chiselled physiques and make you giggle with their cheeky personalities. Their naked butlers are hand picked for being the friendliest, most professional and also the most experienced in the business. They provide an excellent service as well as being super sexy guys. They are ideal for your hen do.

Butlers with Bums also provides life drawing models to spice up a hen afternoon. Life drawings involve a one hour drawing session where the model will perform 3-4 poses for you and your hens to draw, for the last 30 minutes they will provide a mini butlering session. The models will get completely nude and as they are also butlers, it is guaranteed that they are incredibly gorgeous guys with great personalities.