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Alternatives to a big white wedding cake

If you don’t like cake or want to rebel from tradition, here are our ideas for original wedding cakes…

How about a pork pie cake? Get in touch with your local butchers or go to Marks & Spencers, to see if they can offer you a three tiered cake made entirely of pork pie (One large bottom tier, a medium middle tier, and your average pork pie on top).


A number of brides are deciding to go for a cake they can easily share with guests like a macaron wedding cake. Macarons are beautiful anyway but in tiers and different colours, a macaron wedding cake is the perfect alternative.


A theme similar to macaron cakes is brownie pyramids or beautiful dessert towers.


Some brides are ditching the cake theme altogether and making a sweet table. Buy mason and apothecary jars from your local DIY and crafts store, and fill them with all of your favourite things!