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Wedding Accessories For Men

The obvious culprit for splashing out on wedding bling is usually the bride, but if you look out there are plenty of wedding accessories available for the groom.

Your wedding day is no place for the average work watch. If you are unsure what you can get for your man, a new watch could be on the cards. A classic wrist watch can be brought out for all formal occasions, not just your wedding. Whether it is for a job interview or your child’s christening, it will have the James Bond effect.

Cufflinks are often a common gift bought by the parents of the groom, but why leave it to them. There is an endless range of cufflinks on the market, ranging from the cheap as chips to the arm and a leg. They can be novelty banana’s or initials engraved in silver, the endless variety allows you to choose something which is personal to the two of you and your wedding.

Speaking to ‘Henrys For Men’ who are based in Oxfordshire, many grooms opt to buy silk handkerchiefs. James says “they are quite popular as they are easy to match with your waistcoat, and can make good gifts.”

Rather than just sticking to the average buttons, some grooms would prefer to dress up using Dress Studs. They close the shirt, just like buttons but show an attention to the details. You can often get a set of dress studs with a set of cufflinks together which makes sure that even the style clumsy won’t make any fashion faux pas’.

Many grooms choose to buy silk handkerchiefs.

And finally, the shoes. They are probably the most important part of the whole ensemble. They say you can tell a lot about a man from his shoes, especially on your wedding day. If you are renting a suit, it is likely that the company will provide a selection of matching shoes. But if you want something different, don’t go too over-the-top. Black and brown are often the sleekest colours to wear on your big day. It is often the simple patent leather shoe that looks the most elegant. If you are using shoes which you already inhabit your wardrobe, just give them a good polish before the wedding day and they’ll look as good as new.

Whatever your man decides to decorate himself with on the big day just make sure that he doesn’t go over-the-top. Nobody wants to marry a Christmas Tree.