2014's £25,000 UKbride Wedding Winner gets married!

Prizes > 2014's £25,000 UKbride Wedding Winner gets married!

2014's £25,000 UKbride Wedding Winner gets married!

2014's £25,000 UKbride Wedding Winner gets married!


Rebecca Holmes, the 2014 UKbride £25,000 Wedding Winner, has celebrated her £25,000 wedding in the grandeur of Fulham Palace and we found out what she has to say on the once-in-a-lifetime wedding dream…



“Getting ready was surprisingly low stress,” says Rebecca. “I think at that point I knew I'd planned a great day with Ryan and I just couldn't wait to get in the dress. Putting the dress back on was amazing. The Eternity Bridal gown was a true princess dress but in such a delicate and classy way.  I have never felt so beautiful. The wonderful woman who did my hair and makeup worked wonders as well. Amanda is such an artist.

“When I arrived, Fulham Palace just looked gorgeous. It was the perfect sunny day as well. It was just idyllic and everything that I had hoped for!”

When it came to walking down the aisle it was quite surreal actually. Ryan started crying! It was one of the best parts to the wedding for me and I'll never forget the look on his face. I advise other brides to savour every second of the walk down the aisle.”

“My favourite part from the whole wedding though would have to be Ryan's vows. He sang this incredible song to me and it was a complete surprise. Without a doubt, it was the best moment of my life. Our whole wedding was completely revolved around celebrating our love which is what a wedding should be and Ryan put so much effort into doing this.”

“My mom, sister, and brother-in-law came with my niece, who was our flower fairy (she wanted wings). I also had several friends and family friends come over! It was amazing having everyone there. It’s hard to express what it meant to me honestly, but my heart felt full and I felt so supremely loved.”

“Jakabi Photography were wonderful. They listened to what we wanted and took some beautiful shots. They really told the story of our wedding so we would recommend them to anyone!”

“The wedding wasn’t anything like I thought it would be; it was ten times better! It was by far the best day of my life.”

“Although, we were so tired after! We travelled down to Stratford Upon Avon to spend some extra time with my family and pay homage to my dad. It was a nice way of remembering him after the wedding. Very emotional... But I finally got to show Ryan all the secret spots and special places from my childhood.”

“We left on a Thursday morning for our honeymoon and we were beyond excited especially considering it’s a Kuoni holiday to St Vincents.”

“For my tips to other UKbrides, I would just reiterate that it goes so quickly. Soaking it all in was impossible but we tried to be as present as possible the whole time. Also, remember it is a day for you both to celebrate your love so don't let little things impact your day. It's all about love and not perfection. But UKbride and all of the suppliers that were part of the competition definitely helped out with perfecting our dream wedding so we would like to thank everybody involved including friends and family!”


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