UKbride Member Request 20 Aug 2017

Is anyones groom not doing a speech?

Is anyones groom not doing a speech?

Scarlett Everall
Scarlett E 21 Aug 2017

We're having no speeches at our wedding, I'm not a huge fan of them personally and standing up and speaking in front of everyone is my other half's worst nightmare and i know that it would be out of my dads comfort zone too so i'm not putting them through it. We're only having our family and closest friends at the wedding so they all know how much it means them attending but i'm happy to stand and say a quick thank you if needed

Emily Vincent
Emily V 21 Aug 2017

My OH is but our best man possibly isn't. He is a very quiet person and he doesn't feel comfortable. We have said that it is completely up to him and we are happy either way. My MOH has always toyed with the idea of doing one but we have said the same to her. We will either have BM and MOH, one or the other or neither. We will have to wait and see :)

Gail Shaw
Gail Shaw 22 Aug 2017

I doubt we'll be having speeches, we're more just go with the flo type people, just want the day fun and relaxed

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 23 Aug 2017

My other half is terrified of public speaking so we have decided that we will do a joint speech (in which it will most likely be me speaking for most of it) just to say thank you to everyone which he is much happier with. I don't want him worrying the entire day just for a speech! I'm not sure if his best man will do a speech either, but my dad will be.

Linda Paterson
Linda Paterson 24 Aug 2017

I went to a reception where groom or bride didn't do a speech. The bride's mother did.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 25 Aug 2017

My other half wasn't going to but by the time the speeches came around he had , had a drink or two so he spoke

Louise Warren
Louise Warren 5 Oct 2017

Nope, doing what we want so no speeches!!

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 5 Oct 2017

My OH will be making a speech but I dont think it is necessary if you dont want to x


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