Molly Taylor
Molly Taylor 20 Aug 2017

When is a good time to formally ask your bridal party I want to ask them at...

When is a good time to formally ask your bridal party I want to ask them at my engagement party but considering I've only recently got engaged and me and H2B are planning on having a very long engagement (2-3 yrs) is it too soon to ask them next month ?

E Wilson
E Wilson 20 Aug 2017

I asked almost immediately. More fun planning

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 20 Aug 2017

Hi that's up to you :)

Stephanie Deacon
Stephanie D 20 Aug 2017

i think as soon as you start planning the wedding and have a date :)

Paige Warwick
Paige Warwick 20 Aug 2017

i'm waiting until we have set a date, then i'm going to do save the dates but .. for my bridal party, their save the dates are gonna be a little gift each with a poem asking them 🙂 xxx

Chloejade Scholey
Chloejade Scholey 20 Aug 2017

I did these boxes for my bridal party and announced it st my engagement party xx

A member uploaded image

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 21 Aug 2017

I asked mine the day after I got engaged and we are having a 3 year engagement x

Megan Garlinge
Megan Garlinge 21 Aug 2017

I'm asking mine next month, we got engaged in July. I don't think any time is too soon!

Elizabeth Nelli Moors
Elizabeth Moors 25 Aug 2017

im wandering the same! I'm newly engaged too, and we are also having a few years engagement but I don't know when to ask my chosen bridesmaids.

Sophie Heard
Sophie Heard 28 Aug 2017

we are having a 4 year engagement now down to 2 years 11 months haha!


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