UKbride Member Request 19 Aug 2017

My fiance and I had planned to get married in October 2018 and booked the...

My fiance and I had planned to get married in October 2018 and booked the venue. We are a lesbian couple and certain members of her family have given us so much grief we cancelled the venue and planning to elope when we had our heart set on something a lot more traditional. Advice?

Amanda Cosgrove
Amanda Cosgrove 19 Aug 2017

It's totally updo yourself you are getting married do what make you both happy xx

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 19 Aug 2017

Hi it's your day do what you want don't try to please others good luck whatever you decide :)

Sam leigh Evans
Sam leigh Evans 19 Aug 2017

it's such a shame that you had to cancel! weddings can bring out the worst in people. i cannot really give much advice on traditional venues, but if you're still looking in to eloping, look at boho cornwall and the green cornwall; they're nicer alternatives to gretna green(!). my partner and i were thinking about eloping, so we've been looking in to it. i do hope you have the wedding of your dreams, you deserve it after all this hassle! XXX

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 20 Aug 2017

I'm so sorry your having to go through this. Do you know where you plan to elope? Not traditional but I love Greece so think if I was going to elope I'd go to santorini or something x

Elizabeth Nelli Moors
Elizabeth Moors 25 Aug 2017

such a shame you had to cancel, but you need to do what is best for you both. xxx


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