Dianne Few
Dianne Few 17 Aug 2017

Hi I now have my dress and its gorgeous - I am worried bit about the mutton...

Hi I now have my dress and its gorgeous - I am worried bit about the mutton and lamb thing - I am 63 (will be 64 by the wedding) and its a corseted beautiful strapless dress I am having a small jacket to cover the bingo wings lol. I have my shoes and the headdress, BUT I know I will need to think about spanx or big girls knickers as I like to think of them. My problem is how high up my torso do I need to get the spanx ? I foresee all sorts of problems if I get knit going up to my boobs if and when I need a bathroom break whilst in my dress. Also my fiancé is very romantic and I want to look like the cats whiskers when he helps me out of the dress not a pork sausage desperately trying to bust out of its skin! Any suggestions please?

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 17 Aug 2017

This made me laugh as I can completely relate ... I will be 61 when I am married next year. If the dress is corseted then perhaps don't get your big girl knickers too high up or you will never get out of them. Regarding the removal ... nip to the bathroom beforehand and do a quick change from big knickers to something a little more lacy. I'm sure your new husband won't notice that you may have suddenly widened a little.


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