UKbride Member Request 16 Aug 2017

Hi, what are people's opinions on Wed2b? Their dresses seem so beautiful...

Hi, what are people's opinions on Wed2b? Their dresses seem so beautiful and reasonably priced so why would you choose to go to a more expensive bridal shop than one of their stores? Is there a catch to having one of their dresses? Not as good quality for example? Thanks!

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 16 Aug 2017

I thought that as I follow them on Facebook and they have some stunning dresses. Is it because they are off the peg and then you have to go elsewhere for alterations? Not sure if that's true I'm just guessing x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 16 Aug 2017

Hi I will be going to Wed2b in the next month they have really beautiful dresses :)

Alison Jarvis
Alison Jarvis 16 Aug 2017

When you visit and see a dress you like you have to purchase it at that time, you cant order one in a different size or to collect at a later date and that's why they are so cheap

Emily Vincent
Emily V 17 Aug 2017

I bought my dress and veil from there and my veil was so poor quality it ripped. they wouldn't return it or refund etc at all..

On the other hand, my dress is perfect

Angie Norris
Angie Norris 18 Aug 2017

you might find it will need to be cleaned as they get tried on so many times.

Megan Garlinge
Megan Garlinge 22 Aug 2017

I plan to go there for my dress. As previously mentioned I know they won't alter dresses so you have to go elsewhere for that. And they won't necessarily have a huge selection of sizes


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