Laura Lindsley
Laura Lindsley 16 Aug 2017

Is anyone making anything for their wedding such as decorations invites etc?...

Is anyone making anything for their wedding such as decorations invites etc? anyone got any pictures of there diys :)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 16 Aug 2017

Invites in progress!

A member uploaded image

E Wilson
E Wilson 16 Aug 2017

I am currently learning to make paper roses. We are hoping to decorate the entire venue with them

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 16 Aug 2017

Hi my Mum is making the invitations and save the dates :)

Rebecca Jade
Rebecca Jade 17 Aug 2017

We're making the invitations, rsvsp's and placecards, also table decorations and centre pieces and wedding favours! Loads of ideas on pintrest to suit lots of colours/themes! Xx

Emily Vincent
Emily V 17 Aug 2017

There is a DIY thread on the forum with loads of pics :)

Julianne Heffernan
Julie Heffernan 17 Aug 2017

Making the centre pieces, flower balls, ribbon backdrop, activity baskets and table plan plus few other bits. X

Bryony Hamm
Bryony Hamm 19 Aug 2017

I'm making it all! Decorations, centrepieces, favours, bouquets, invitations. Got most of it planned out, but not started it all yet. Still got 8 months! I'm doing the small bits first because we don't have a huge amount of storage space. So bigger things will be done nearer to the time. Tonnes of things on Pinterest. But my theme is origami and flowers. And the colours are purple and white. These are the flowers I've made so far. And keeping them boxed in the dark so the paper doesn't fade.

A member uploaded image


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