Laura Whiting
Laura Whiting 14 Aug 2017

Is anyone else arranging their own flowers?

Is anyone else arranging their own flowers?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 14 Aug 2017

Hi I am good luck :)

Julianne Heffernan
Julie Heffernan 14 Aug 2017

Yes i am :) and hopefully some of them will be from my own garden too. X

Victoria Gould
Victoria Gould 14 Aug 2017

I'm doing my own evening flowers by buying boquets and rearranging them to suit xx

Nicola Jones
Nicola Jones 15 Aug 2017

Yes, myself and SIL will be doing two church arrangements, buying from supermarkets a couple of days before and setting straight in the church. Then arrangements will be going on h2b's parents' grave and my sister's. Not having a bouquet, carrying a lantern with a candle instead, as will my 2 flower girls and the MOH will have a flower girl in each hand so nothing for her! Our wedding is Nov 3rd, so nice autumn colours and candlelit hues. Good luck!


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