Rachael Starkey
Rachael Starkey 13 Aug 2017

Has anyone else had a melt down on the cost of your big day ha it's what we...

Has anyone else had a melt down on the cost of your big day ha it's what we want it just costs so much

Sarah Lindsay
Sarah Lindsay 13 Aug 2017

Yep! Totally! You don't quite realise the cost of everything until you total it up... crazy. If you put wedding before any word, all of a sudden things become more expensive 🙈

E Wilson
E Wilson 13 Aug 2017

Definitely, Though we have decided to have a bit a a budget wedding and focus on an amazing once in a life time honeymoon instead

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 13 Aug 2017

Hi not yet not enough done yet :)

Alys Brierley
Alys Brierley 13 Aug 2017

Only over the cost of alterations I'm paying 700 pound 😥

Sophie Walker
Sophie Walker 13 Aug 2017

Definitely yes! The venue my fiancée and I fallen in love with is costing a lot

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 13 Aug 2017

Yep, I keep having a panic about it all x

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 13 Aug 2017

Yep. We are keeping it simple but have found it impossible to weed people from the guest list as people are simply so happy for us. Have decided on a Pig roast/BBQ in the back garden for everyone after the ceremony and doing away with all the formalities.

Jeannie Webb
Jeannie Webb 13 Aug 2017

Me fiance and I have decided that it doesn't matter when it where we get married so long as family and friends are there... My wedding dress has cost me under £100 and I'm in love with it! 😍

Linda Chambers
Linda Chambers 13 Aug 2017

We didn't set a budget as both have enough savings but when I started everything up I was horrified that it's over £12,000 and we're not being extravagant at all!

Cath Evans
Cath Evans 14 Aug 2017

Yup.... my mum wants to invite 200 people just from her side alone!!!


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