claire-louise malone
claire-louise malone 10 Aug 2017

How did everyone feel planning their wedding, guests lists etc? I'm a bit...

How did everyone feel planning their wedding, guests lists etc? I'm a bit nervous putting family on my guest list ????X

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 10 Aug 2017

Hi I have a very short list so has my Fiance not nervous about this at all:)

Jaki Green
Jaki Green 10 Aug 2017

Not sure if you'll be able to see this picture but it's really handy! x

A member uploaded image

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 10 Aug 2017

I didn't invite half my family's my day . Why should I let them ruin it x

Emily Barnett
Emily Barnett 10 Aug 2017

I made a list first then the h2b gave me his then I passed it to mum to check I hadn't missed any relatives out she wants there

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 10 Aug 2017

I'm only having Immediate family as in my mum and dad. I don't see aunties, uncles etc and don't see why I should pay for someone I've not seen for 6 years! x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 11 Aug 2017

As my daughter said...Only invite those you want to.invite and you see regularly. Why invite those you don't see and haven't seen or been in contact with in years or ever.
Only invite those really.would like to be there and want.
Don't bow from parents. Why invite people your parents want if you haven't seen them in years or dont know tbem.Its your day have it your way.
When my youngest son marries next year from my side will only be my sister and brother in law invited. None of my husbands brothers thougbas my son hasn't seen them in over 6 years. There is a lot ftom his fiancees side as they are all.very close. Its His and his fiancees wedding so why spend money on people you don't have to

Jayne Timmins
Jayne Timmins 11 Aug 2017

Only invite those people that you really want there and won't cause trouble x


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