UKbride Member Request 7 Aug 2017

What do people think to getting dresses offline? Would you recommend getting...

What do people think to getting dresses offline? Would you recommend getting bride and bridesmaids dresses from Amazon or eBay?? I know a few people who have and haven't had any problems just had to get it altered but some people swear against it. I just don't want to be paying over the odds for dresses that are going to be worn once. (They are adult bridesmaids)

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 7 Aug 2017

Hi have a look on Mixbridal they have a long list of counterfeit companies to avoid. Good luck :)

Nicola Jones
Nicola Jones 7 Aug 2017

I got my dress and my bridesmaid dress off ebay from someone who dealt in ex-samples. Mine is by Sincerity. Mine just needs the skirt taking up as I'm only 5ft 3in. Bridesmaid fitted beautifully. I paid £130 for mine and although the tag on the bridesmaid says £118 I actually paid £20.

Jayne Timmins
Jayne Timmins 7 Aug 2017

I think as long as you check their return policy it could work out well x

Dannielle Bird
Dannielle Bird 7 Aug 2017

Hi always check the seller reviews before you order. When my sister got married the dresses we had were £120 in a bridal shop before alterations, we ordered them on eBay and they were £25 each. I will be ordering my bridesmaid dresses online when I come to ordering them.

Amy B
Amy B 8 Aug 2017

I think its fine if you book online, as long as you research the seller. trustpilot has been my bible x

Linzi Gallimore
Linzi Gallimore 8 Aug 2017

My friends just got some from eBay they were fab! Looked beautiful and only about £35 just do your research custom size is best. Try wedding_you*me seller on eBay

Lisa Davey
Lisa Davey 9 Aug 2017

i took a gamble on a dress from ebay it arrived today, its nice but the material is so see through and the sizes are off, such a shame really as its really pretty

Laura Lindsley
Laura Lindsley 16 Aug 2017

id avoid personally theres so many people having issues with getting dresses online, theres some great websites that sell good quality dresses at low prices have you tried sales Debenhams, next, misguided all have lovely bridesmaid dresses :)


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