UKbride Member Request 7 Aug 2017

Hi everyone, we have booked our date (23rd May 2020) - registrar can't be...

Hi everyone, we have booked our date (23rd May 2020) - registrar can't be booked til 2019 can it? Also, do men have walk down the aisle? My OH is convinced they don't, as he would rather mull about at the bottom and welcome people... and I'd rather him do that if he's more comfortable- he's worrying about it already.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 7 Aug 2017

Hi you can't book the registrar until 1 year in advance but you can provisionally book the registrar now to secure your date. The men do not walk down the aisle like the Bride and Bridesmaids :)

Shannon Clegg
Shannon Clegg 7 Aug 2017

Think he's watched too many American sitcoms where the groom walks down followed by a "procession" if you will of the rest of the bridal party 😂

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 7 Aug 2017

I get married may 9th 2020. I've paid a deposit to the registrar to secure the date and they set me an online account up. A year before I need to go get the intention to marry then once we have that back to registrar and pay what is outstanding x

Linzi Gallimore
Linzi Gallimore 8 Aug 2017

The registrar near us can be booked 2years in advance I'm 2020 bride took have a look at your life cal council

Alys Brierley
Alys Brierley 14 Aug 2017

I booked my registrar In October I get married July I booked it as soon as I booked venue . You can't get notice of marriage till under a year before


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