UKbride Member Request 29 Jul 2017

Help im having grandma-in-law trouble!! My h2b's granny has been going on...

Help im having grandma-in-law trouble!! My h2b's granny has been going on about how she'd like me to have his cousin as a bridesmaid since before we got engaged and I've always politely not really given an answer and just said well that's to sort out once we're actually engaged etc. I've already got 5, his sister, my sister and 3 friends, and I'm happy with this. I'm planning on asking them soon. However his grandma has said to him that she'd really like it if I would choose his cousin (she will be 12 when the wedding comes round) as she'd like to see her in a bridesmaid dress and the cousin would love it getting all dressed up and being a part of it, and she'd like to see both her granddaughters there at the aisle. I'm not close to her by any means and hardly ever see her nor does my h2b and I'm not going to be influenced into picking her. How do I avoid a kick off because I'm sure the next time I see her she will be bringing this up with me and I'll have to politely say no... My h2b said I'd just have to explain that she can still get dressed up and be a part of it, she'll be sat at the front and will still be involved in the big day, just not as a bridesmaid. I already have a flowergirl - our daughter who will be 4.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 29 Jul 2017

Hi I would tell her that you just can't afford it :)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 29 Jul 2017

For me it would really depend on how old is the grandma and would there be potentially another chance to see her granddaughter at the wedding as bm. If this was the only chance, I probably would give in. If not, would ask htb for help in this.

Angie Norris
Angie Norris 29 Jul 2017

put your foot down & listen to your h2b. its your day.

Jaki Green
Jaki Green 29 Jul 2017

Maybe you could find another "role" for her to try and keep granny happy? x

Ceilidh Baird
Ceilidh Baird 29 Jul 2017

I would personally just be honest, my grandmother has been trying to tell me to invite an ex-wife of my mums cousin who she gets on well with but I just had to tell her bluntly my opinions on it, she wasn't happy but accepted it is our day and our choice.

Lindsay Coombes
Lindsay Coombes 29 Jul 2017

I think the husband to be needs to talk to his grandmother and explain rather than you!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 30 Jul 2017

If it means that much to a 12 year old to be a bridesmaid make her dream come true


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