UKbride Member Request 22 Jul 2017

Hi is there any brides to be or already wed even? I need a bit of help I...

Hi is there any brides to be or already wed even? I need a bit of help I feel lost and I don't know where to start with wedding planning at all. I live in Darlington North East. We have a budget of £5,000 can't go over. Is there anyone that can help me out finding a nice venue for £2-3000. I don't mind travelling out of town no more than 15mile. Is a winter & midweek wedding actually cheaper when booking at venues ect. I'm trying my best to stay in budget but keep my dream wedding! I've got no one helping me. On my own hear! Help anyone? X

UKbride Member 22 Jul 2017

I would say on your budget dont go over £200 for your venue. And try and think of your budget being £2500 because you will go over it!

Shani Murray
Shani Murray 23 Jul 2017

I know exactly how you feel! I have the same budget as you and so far i have discovered that midweek, winter/early spring can be cheaper. I googled wedding venues in my area and just went through every venue that came up. Also if you see a venue that you like, ask the venue if they do a discount if you are planning on either of those times. I hope this helps? Good luck in your search 😊

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 23 Jul 2017

Hi we have the same budget as you, and so far have stayed in budget our venue is £1000 for the whole day, we are having a hot buffet, tea time cheese ,biscuits tea or coffee and a col buffet during the evening. If you have a blue tooth speaker then down load songs to your phone then you won't need a DJ. That is how you keep the cost down, yes it is cheaper to get married midweek and during winter months good luck :)

Donna Chiles
Donna Chiles 23 Jul 2017

the holiday inn do a great package, ours in 2999 we could have had the ceremony inc in that too but were having a church wedding, that price includes 3 course meal, buffett, wine and the dj which i thinks pretty good considering most venues dont include a dj in the price , mid week if deffo cheaper they add on hundreds, good luck x


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