UKbride Member Request 22 Jul 2017

I'm intending to make my own place names and table plans. My writing isn't...

I'm intending to make my own place names and table plans. My writing isn't bad but I like it abit more calligraphy(ish) is there anything I can use to achieve the look? Tia xx

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 22 Jul 2017

Do you have any friends that could do it? We have a friend who's going to do ours. Not sure how far away your wedding is but I've seen some calligraphy courses on wowcher and groupon recently that you do at home. Or you could buy a calligraphy book off eBay and just practice and maybe learn a new skill xx

Donna Chiles
Donna Chiles 22 Jul 2017

get a really nice foundation pen and practice, other wise theres a calligraphy font on the pc just incase you cant get it right, x

Natalie Eames
Natalie Eames 22 Jul 2017

Find a font you like and type the names out print it in mirror so the font is back to front use baking paper to trace the font then flip it over to trace back over. Has that hand drawn feel but nice font

UKbride Member 22 Jul 2017

Yed any good art shop will sell calligraphy pens . Im doing mine with what looks like a thick felt tip pen. Any wide nib will do just practice a bit.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 23 Jul 2017

I'd suggest printing or tracing it. The latter will be a bit longwinded and will take time, but if you want it to look like it's by hand it's probably the best option unless you can master it yourself quickly

Amy B
Amy B 23 Jul 2017

try (not used this in years so might've changed by now) and try copying/tracing x


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