UKbride Member Request 18 Jul 2017

Since announcing that I'm planning my wedding to my family they've not...

Since announcing that I'm planning my wedding to my family they've not supported me in anyway. My mum doesn't want to know and the other ladies in the family aren't interested either. I feel completely let down by my own family. Luckily I have my H2B's family there but any ideas to get them on board?

Jenny Eves
Jenny Eves 18 Jul 2017

I'm having exactly the same problem with my family

Alys Brierley
Alys Brierley 18 Jul 2017

My family wasn't too happy at the start only because although knowing each other 6 years we was only together a year when we got engaged my family got over it and is now on board just give it time

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 18 Jul 2017

Hi I am very sorry to hear this the same thing id happening to us but it is my Fiance's Mum who's the problem she won't be attending the wedding :)

Jayne Timmins
Jayne Timmins 18 Jul 2017

Maybe they just need some time to get used to the idea, is there a particular reason do you think?

Sharon McGuire
Sharon McGuire 18 Jul 2017

My Dad was very disinterested, until I had my engagement party and that changed things. It became real for him. He got to meet the other guests, bridesmaids etc. I think we'd been together for 10 years and he didn't really believe that it was going to happen until he saw something real happen. Maybe that's what they need.

Izabela Niepsujewicz
Izabela Niepsujewicz 20 Jul 2017

I've had the same problem, apart from my dad who lives far away I had no support whatsoever and it doesn't look like it will change. I will say don't worry about it and just do what makes you happy if they don't want to be involved then fine but don't let them bring you down

UKbride Member 25 Jul 2017

How long to the wedding? You cant make them come on board and you will always feel that this is more important to you than anyone. As it gets closer they will realise its happening and get there themselves.


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