Anita O'Sullivan
Anita O'Sullivan 18 Jul 2017

We're getting married July 2018 and have our invites already, we're looking...

We're getting married July 2018 and have our invites already, we're looking to send these around Xmas time, when sending your invites do you send menu choices or wait until you've had your RSVP's and send them then? Thanks

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 18 Jul 2017

I am not having menu choices but if I was I would send them with the invites x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 18 Jul 2017

Hi that's up to you everyone dos it different :)

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 18 Jul 2017

I'm going to send my menu choices with the invites x

Alison Genge
Alison Genge 18 Jul 2017

I haven't sent them out with ours as we were only aloud to pick one option for each course and a vegetarian option . We did put on the invites about allergies or dietary requirements though.

Sharon McGuire
Sharon McGuire 18 Jul 2017

It's personal choice, but given that so many people RSVP late, it might be wiser to send the menu choices out with the invites, otherwise you are delaying the menu choices by the RSVP responses.

Lynn Mitchell
Lynn Mitchell 19 Jul 2017

We are going to send out a pack of info with our invitations re Venue, parking, hotels for those that will be traveling, Dietary requirements, time to be seated at ceremony by, that way no one can say they didn't have any information. Good luck x

Amy B
Amy B 19 Jul 2017

I would put them in the invites i think! imagine getting last minute RSVP with menu and no time to sort argh! x

Kim Glover
Kim Glover 19 Jul 2017

Personally i would send them with the invites as like someone previously mentioned people are sometimes slow at sending rsvp's back plus it saves of posting out twice.
Good luck x


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