UKbride Member Request 17 Jul 2017

I was just wondering what other brides are doing for wedding cars? My H2B...

I was just wondering what other brides are doing for wedding cars? My H2B said he will just get a taxi. I've had people suggest nice taxis instead of wedding cars as all of our guests will be in the venue when my bridal party and I arrive. I don't know what to do!

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 17 Jul 2017

Hi we were going to have a taxi but my FIL said he will pick me and my Dad up in his Merc. I will have a taxi to pick up my Uncles and cousins :)

Kelly Butler
Kelly Butler 17 Jul 2017

That sounds lovely! I'd never even thought about family cars. My uncle has a Merc so I may have to flutter my eyelashes at him haha. Thanks for the advice!

Tiffany Boot
Tiffany Boot 17 Jul 2017

Both me and H2B are walking to the church (I only have to cross the road lol) and then a friend is doing his car up for the drive to the reception venue. We have family on stand by to taxi other people and our dj has offered as well.

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 17 Jul 2017

I'm getting ready at the venue so don't need anything. Not site on H2B he might get ready there too so no need for cars for us x

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 18 Jul 2017

I am finishing getting ready at the venue so I will just be taken by my Mum and the H2B will drive himself x

Alys Brierley
Alys Brierley 18 Jul 2017

I'm already at the venue

Jayne Timmins
Jayne Timmins 18 Jul 2017

How about hiring a couple of nice cars for the day or weekend and asking a friend to drive x

Amy B
Amy B 20 Jul 2017

If you know someone with a nice car, ask them to spice it up and take you in that! Or look at hiring, perhaps? x

Donna Chiles
Donna Chiles 22 Jul 2017

im having a rollesroyce , my h2b is rocking up in a supped up scooby i was going to get a limo for the bridesmaids but it cost more than my car so im going with a taxi company that will get them there :)

UKbride Member 26 Jul 2017

Oo donna like the roller and scooby doo! I pick my new scooby up tomorrow!!

Jaki Green
Jaki Green 29 Jul 2017

I'll be heading to the hotel before the ceremony venue to get ready, I'm probably just going to ask my sister or my dad to take me, hadn't really thought about it lol x

Kelly Butler
Kelly Butler 5 Aug 2017

Thanks for all the fab ideas lovelies! It's given me lots to think about!


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