UKbride Member Request 17 Jul 2017

Hey.. Ever since my h2b popped the question I feel like I have realised how...

Hey.. Ever since my h2b popped the question I feel like I have realised how alone I am.. I feel like I have no one to go dress shopping with and I don't feel like my mum was as excited as I hoped she would be. The wedding is not until 2019 as we wanted as much time as possible to pay off etc and most important things are booked and have done as much as I can but my mum just hasn't seemed interested did not even come view the venue when I asked her too either.. I can't think of anyone to be bridesmaid as just feel no one is really interested in our big day.. do I just go dress shopping on my own..? Just made me reaslise and feel like I have no body just me and my other half ?? Has anyone else had this? Felt this way?

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 17 Jul 2017

I have with my mum. I asked her to come shopping and got no reaction and couldn't get time off work. I've changed the days etc so that she can come. She's still not over excited about it all but she is suffering with depression and anxiety at the moment so I think that's some of it x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 17 Jul 2017

Hi my Mum comes as many times as she can she is more excited than I am but my MIL doesn't give a damn but that's OK by me. My H2B came with me to the registrar and tomorrow he and my Mum are going to see the caterer with me. :)

Tiffany Boot
Tiffany Boot 17 Jul 2017

I feel like this sometimes. My mum just keeps trying to change my mind on stuff (she's worried about extra stress for me and cost). My MIL didn't seem interested at all until she saw me in my dress and I'm getting no input from my bridesmaids at all. I wont even start on the groomsmen lol. You still have a long time yet so they may all get excited nearer the time. xx

UKbride Member 17 Jul 2017

I feel EXACTLY the same-except I don't even speak to my Mum. I have had fall outs with friends over my wedding and went to dress shopping and to my first fitting alone. It has made me realise I don't really have anyone to rely on. Worst bit I think is certain girls that I thought were 100% with me in everything, that I have known since childhood, are not one bit interested in me or my day. The thing that upset me the most really was them letting me down for my hen as I have attended so many over the years x

Valerie McCurdie
Valerie McCurdie 17 Jul 2017

Sending love Hun can't be easy feeling alone about such a huge occasion in your life x

Sharon McGuire
Sharon McGuire 18 Jul 2017

I'm so sorry your mum is not interested. I was engaged about 25 years ago (never actually made it down the aisle) and my mum came dress shopping with me and it was awful. I was (and still am) fat and my mum made me feel so small, I was in tears during my appointment. I'd rather she not be there, but she was paying for the dress. Now. I'm much older, finally getting married to someone wonderful and sadly my mum is no longer around to see it. My MIL keeps saying "there's still 18 months to go" she has no idea how much planning is involved and my step mum isn't interested. So I'm taking my H2B and my MOH. For some people the wedding will just be too far away for them to become excited. My Dad didn't get excited until we had our engagement party then it became real for him and he started showing an interest. Good luck with it, you only really need yourself and the only person who needs to love the dress is you and your H2B.

Julianne Heffernan
Julie Heffernan 18 Jul 2017

I cant understand your feeling as i am not in that situation. But you could switch things up and go dress shopping with your h2b, a lot of brides do that these days. Xxx

Chelsey French
Chelsey French 18 Jul 2017

do you have any siblings or close friends (male or female) that have made you feel special since you got engaged?? I would focus on you and sometimes if you havent got many close people around you then it's wise to take care of the relationships you already have by making them feel special (take them to try on dresses with you) than it is to go out and meet new friends. Best of luck and please don't go alone - you only get to try on a wedding dress for the first time once! If I were you I would wait, you've got until 2019 to work it out xxxx

Patricia Hales
Patricia Hales 18 Jul 2017

I don't have my mom & dad and don't have many friends but I've had a few lovely close people to support me. Give it a little time, i can understand feeling lonely, if you still feel like this later on get to know his family & maybe they could lift your spirits. Good luck lovely

Amy B
Amy B 20 Jul 2017

You don't NEED bridesmaids - I have seen some posts on here that some brides aren't having any, and that they are taking their H2B to dress shop! I'm sorry you feel alone, I think this is a great website for support in these situations. You can direct message anybody you like and maybe that way you can feel as though you have someone there for you :) x

Donna Chiles
Donna Chiles 22 Jul 2017

i had to plan all my wedding without my mom, she passed away 4 years ago, i know he would have been so excited and been with me every step of the way, im sure yr mom will get more excited nearer the time, x

UKbride Member 26 Jul 2017

I went dress shopping with h2b then did everything myself.

Jaki Green
Jaki Green 29 Jul 2017

My mum is caring for my nan who has dementia so she has far too much on her plate to be overly interested in our wedding, no-one really seems excited except me and one of my friends who lives miles away.
It is really hard and does make you feel alone but you're never alone with a loving partner by your side.
Mine h2b drives me mental but I know I'll always have his support.
Talk to your other half about how you're feeling, he might be able to help x


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