UKbride Member Request 17 Jul 2017

Please only ask people you trust with everything like your family to be your...

Please only ask people you trust with everything like your family to be your bridesmaids see far too many poor bridesmaid posts . People need to make wiser choices don't just pick them because they are your friends if they are not very reliable

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 17 Jul 2017

Hi I couldn't agree more, the posts complaining about bridesmaids are gaining momentum :)

Catherine-Rebecca Hall
Catherine-Rebecca Hall 17 Jul 2017

Sometimes you might think they are reliable when you ask them. Then they turn out not to be. There is a lot of posts about it lately though.

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 17 Jul 2017

Last people I would ask to be my bridesmaid is family members (apart from my nieces). I don't get on with them and for me it's a case of you can't choose your family but you can your friends. I'd much rather have my friends as I trust them. My sister on the other hand I can't be in the same room with! x

Kim Barton
Kim Barton 17 Jul 2017

Wish i could have my friends, they are the best group of people i could ever wish to be around and would 100% be there... unfortunately too many sisters between us (5) :( I'm including them by asking them to come wedding dress shopping with me as i know they will be 100% supportive and honest. cant understand people to be honest if they cant be their for you around a significant day like your wedding, they are not really your friends anyway!!

Kelsey Todd
Kelsey Todd 20 Jul 2017

Luckily I'm having my 3 sisters, Dave's sister in law and 1 friend :) the only problems I'm going to have is my 2 older sisters are in Australia so they won't be able to come to any fittings or my hen party! But they'll be there for the day so it's all good! :) x

Amy B
Amy B 20 Jul 2017

I'm only having family for my bridesmaids :)

Donna Chiles
Donna Chiles 22 Jul 2017

im having my kids as bridesmaids and my best friend too, i did have a bit of a wobble when my best friend told me shes very ill, and thought she wasnt going to be there, after not hearing from her for a while shes still coming to the wedding despite being ill, x


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