UKbride Member Request 16 Jul 2017

I would like to know if anyone else feels/felt the same way and if there's...

I would like to know if anyone else feels/felt the same way and if there's any advice out there. I'm dreading my wedding day. I wanted to elope but my parents were upset. I wanted to get married abroad but close family said they wouldn't come. As half of the wedding is paid for people felt they had a say. It's now spiralled out of control and turned into everyone else's day and a wedding I don't want. I never wanted a traditional wedding or big day. I just want to sign papers and be married. The cost of the wedding makes me feel sick; especially as I'm dreading it and not going to enjoy it. My family know how I feel but they're happy as they're getting the day they want. I would cancel the day but I'll loose 100% of the cost.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 16 Jul 2017

Hi I would put a stop to it now and have a quiet wedding parents may be paying but it's your day, just explain that it's not that your ungrateful but it's not what you want:)

Jayne Timmins
Jayne Timmins 16 Jul 2017

I would definitely say something now too, how does your h2b feel?

Stacey Hutchinson
Stacey Hutchinson 18 Jul 2017

If you and your H2B both want the same day, you need to speak to your families and tell them how you feel. If you wanted too you could marry before your actual ceremony then just have a blessing and the party for your families

Patricia Hales
Patricia Hales 18 Jul 2017

Do it your way, your not getting married to make everyone else happy. It's tough monkeys if their not happy.


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