Amy Orourke
Amy Orourke 13 Jul 2017

So we have the tricky job of 1) Asking for no children in the daytime 2)...

So we have the tricky job of 1) Asking for no children in the daytime 2) Asking for part of the family to attend the daytime and the rest evening Any advice on how to word on invites? Do we do seperate invites? Seperate RSVP's

Melissa Robinson
Melissa Robinson 13 Jul 2017

I'm having the same difficulty with the no children, family members assuming their children will be bridesmaids etc. Let me know how you word the invite please. I was just going to address the invites to the adults but thinking maybe I should put some sort of polite wording on them now

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 13 Jul 2017

I would do seperate invites as that makes it very clear who is invited to what and there can be no confusion. As to wording have a look on the the internet as there are loads of ideas there. One is to say no children to allow the parents to have some adult time x

Zoe Aldrich
Zoe Aldrich 13 Jul 2017

I'm having the same issue! I'm inviting some children but not all - I have such a HUGE family and I'm really struggling with numbers! Lots of ideas are on the internet though. xx

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 13 Jul 2017

Hi if you are only inviting people for the evening you could just send save the dates :)

Amy Orourke
Amy Orourke 14 Jul 2017

Same for us we have such a big family. We have got it down to 120 with no children and no extended family.
So we might put something like.
We respectfully ask that children attend the evening reception only.


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