Rachel Squire
Rachel Squire 12 Jul 2017

Are most people wearing an underskirt (with hoop) under their dress? I think...

Are most people wearing an underskirt (with hoop) under their dress? I think it would probably look better, but it would be a little harder to dance and go to the toilet while wearing?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 12 Jul 2017

Hi I haven't had my dress yet but will have a petticoat and hoop if required :)

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 12 Jul 2017

Try it on with both and see what you think is best and if you can take it off for dancing x

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 12 Jul 2017

Not picked mine yet but I'm not into the princess dresses so I doubt I will x

Jayne Timmins
Jayne Timmins 12 Jul 2017

If your dress has a full skirt then you do probably need to, as it makes the dress 'fall' better, mine is quite fitted though so I won't need one.

Zoe Aldrich
Zoe Aldrich 13 Jul 2017

I haven't brought my dress yet but my friends who have gotten married have told me they all had one because it makes it easier to walk in, even if the dress isn't a puffy dress as such! Even for the mermaid style - base it on how comfortable you feel in the dress walking around! I hope this helps :) xx

Rachel Squire
Rachel Squire 14 Jul 2017

Thankyou everyone. First fitting on Sunday so i will try both. Maybe even try a little dance. Thank-you for your answers x

Lisa Brooks
Lisa Brooks 16 Jul 2017

Hi I have bought a petticoat hoop to try on with my dress I am going to try it with and without and see which I prefer or which feels right for me hope this helps

Stephanie Deacon
Stephanie D 17 Jul 2017

I have a Aline dress and the hoop will help me go toilet as you just lift it from bottom.


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