UKbride Member Request 11 Jul 2017

Hi, we're having our wedding August 2018 and we're planning on having a...

Hi, we're having our wedding August 2018 and we're planning on having a civil ceremony and reception at the same venue. Does anyone have some time saving and cost effective decorating tips as there's a one hour window for rearranging chairs and setting tables. The venue will doing the set up of the room with the tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery and glasses but we're responsible for the décor. We have not factored in a professional to do this and hope to have relatives help. Also, it's going to be at a Botanical Garden and I'm toying with the idea of realistic looking silk flowers rather than real ones but I'm worried it would look weird in such a setting? Am I being worried for no reason?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 11 Jul 2017

Hi we are having the same but we don't have to worry about decorating our venue as a few weeks ago we won a charity auction and the company will be doing all the decs :)

Vanya Pierre-Louis
Vanya Pierre-Louis 11 Jul 2017

Congrats Lucy. That's lucky. I've not ever won anything of significance yet. :)

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 11 Jul 2017

I'm having ceremony and reception in same venue but they are in different rooms and thankfully the venue set up. Could you enlist your bridesmaids and grooms men to help out? Maybe some lanterns and t lights would be really easy to put out and flowers in mason jars if you used them down the aisle you could pick them up after and place on tables? X

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 11 Jul 2017

I am having the ceremony in different rooms in the venue so only the chairs need to move. Have a look on second hand websites as there are some really nice centre pieces x

Joanne King
Joanne King 12 Jul 2017

Have a look on pinterest for ideas they are great for them things, look for
DIY wedding decor! will help
loads!! x

Julianne Heffernan
Julie Heffernan 12 Jul 2017

Keep it simple, so its easier to set up. Fake flowers will be easier to set up and obviously wont wilton a hot day. Enlist your bridesmaids and grooms men. They are there to help. Does the venue not have a wedding co-ordinator? They should be able to help to. X


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