Lesley Wonnacott
Lesley Wonnacott 7 Jul 2017

We had to do a order pf service to be approved by the church before it can...

We had to do a order pf service to be approved by the church before it can be printed. We submitted A4 folded and were told needed a couple of amendments. Got it back and its now 12 pages A4, some amendments. We have questioned this and been told what they have added is what legally has to be there. I have never been to a wedding where order or service is that long. Have asked to be relooked at. At this rate we are likely to end up saying no order of service as its to big and out of budget for copies needed. Any ideas thanks

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 7 Jul 2017

Hi This seems a bit excessive to me :)

Donna Chiles
Donna Chiles 8 Jul 2017

how have you managed to get 12 pages ? I recently had mine done and I have 1 a4 folded and a song sheet, see if you can break it down a bit, unless you have all the readings and hymns it shouldn't be that long, if you want to see mine ill happily up load it :)

UKbride Member 9 Jul 2017

Its a little excessive mine is currently 8 pages on A5. There are a couple if religious requirements but no legal requirements needed. You dont need to write out the readings or secular readings. You can have both. The bits that need to be in are prayers , vows and blessing at the end! Thats three lines!

Everything else depends on what you want.
Music in , hymn, reading, hymn, vows, sign reg music, im having choir singing there, then hymn, reading im having two religious readings and two secular poems. Prayers and blessing, Last hymn. Music out. You can reduce the number of hymns to two if you want. Our service will be just over 45 mins a little longer than is normal because i didnt want a short service. Hope this helps. Dont give up on them its awful sitting in any church service without having a clue what comes next. Good luck.


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