Kim Barton
Kim Barton 6 Jul 2017

How soon did people start looking for their dress!? We have booked and the...

How soon did people start looking for their dress!? We have booked and the date is around 2 years off so a while but i cant decide what dress/style etc... Is it too early to try some, it just i think the dress sets the tone for the rest of the decor etc.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 6 Jul 2017

Hi you could look now to see what style you prefer but the experts say 8-6 months before to allow for alterations or making of dress good luck :)

Amanda Cosgrove
Amanda Cosgrove 7 Jul 2017

Hi I'm going next may as I get married next july some people start looking a year before their wedding, as if it has to be made or altered takes upto 7 months

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 7 Jul 2017

I looked and bought mine about 18 months before. It's never too far ahead to look for styles and ideas x

Nicola Smithson
Nicola Smithson 8 Jul 2017

I don't think it matter when you start looking. I haven't tried anything on yet, but I'm certainly getting ideas from Pinterest and bridal sites for what I would like. We're hoping to get married in Autumn 2019, so I aim to start looking around this time next year - The more time you have the better I feel. Never too early to go shopping ;) xxxxx

UKbride Member 9 Jul 2017

Its the theme of your wedding that sets the tone fir everything else including your dress, so do you want formal or relaxed day, quirky, romantic, contemporary etc. Then pick where you want to marry and reception venue if different, then choose your dress based on venues and theme! So my theme is flowers and birds and very country reception on a farm in the cow shed! Church wedding so quite formal to with aristocracy present to. So my dress is very romantic with 3d petals tumbling down a full lace and beaded dress full 6 foot train and full length veil. Large loose romantic bouquet trailing down the length of the dress. The venue is decorated in dusky blue table cloths copper and pretty peach and blue floral napkins. Flowers are everywhere!! Now build your wedding and have lots of funxx

Elizabeth Tooke
Elizabeth Tooke 9 Jul 2017

Ideally i would start looking a year in advance some dresses take up to 6 months to make then that also gives time if there needs to be any alterations xx


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