Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 5 Jul 2017

What's everyone's plans (or what did you have) with make-up for your wedding...

What's everyone's plans (or what did you have) with make-up for your wedding day? I don't really wear much (usually mascara and a bit of blusher) even when I go out I only add a little lilac eyeshadow and sometimes I have my lashes done. I don't really fancy a full face of make-up but also thinking about my pictures x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 5 Jul 2017

Hi Emma I like my make up to be barely there but I don.t want to look washes out for my photos good luck :)

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 5 Jul 2017

That's same as me Lucy not sure I can cope with foundation etc on but be my luck I'll get a spot the day before! X

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 5 Jul 2017

I dont like a lot of make up either. I am not planning on wearing too much as I think it will just look fake and I will feel uncomfortable x

Amu Butler
Amu Butler 5 Jul 2017

Full face x

Julianne Heffernan
Julie Heffernan 5 Jul 2017

I never wear make up unless its a night out. But my cheeks go so rosy (the downside of being a redhead) so my hairdresser is also a make up artist and will be doing simple makeup with a tiny bit of eye makeup. Just so i dont look either bright red or a pale ghost next to everyone else. X

Diana Popescu
Diana Popescu 5 Jul 2017

I don't usually wear heavy makeup but I've found that applying liquid foundation with a wet makeup sponge is way more comfortable and feels super light. So I'll only have some light foundation, I will have my eyebrows plucked and tinted the week before so I won't need pencil, no falsies, just curling my own lashes a bit and then a bit of gold eyeshadow on my lid. You can look flawless even without tons of makeup.

Jayne Timmins
Jayne Timmins 5 Jul 2017

I also don't wear much makeup but I have spent weeks collecting samples etc from makeup counters to try and I have found my combination for the day.
Just experiment a bit. I had a disastrous make up trial so I will be definitely doing my own as I want to look like myself

Rachel Squire
Rachel Squire 6 Jul 2017

Im getting mine done but very light and natural looking. In my opinion make up should make you look naturaly good. Rather than obviously covered in it.

Rachel Squire
Rachel Squire 6 Jul 2017

Also had one disastrous trial. Be very firm about what you want x

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 6 Jul 2017

Remember he is marrying you for you so don't change your self for own day. Just wear what you normally wear. Good luck xxxx

Alys Brierley
Alys Brierley 9 Jul 2017

The bigger the better for me I want a pink smokey eye giant false lashes . Want to look like a doll

Amy B
Amy B 10 Jul 2017

I'm having nude smokey eyes with winged liner (but not OTT) with a nude lip, having bright colours or deep colours doesn't suit my face x


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