Adeliee Frost
Adeliee Frost 4 Jul 2017

when did people go look at their wedding dresses, my partner wants me to go...

when did people go look at their wedding dresses, my partner wants me to go and try a few one just to see which ones a like and the cost of them but my friends thinks its too early what do you think? HELP! Brides to be!!

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 4 Jul 2017

Hi Adeliee when are you getting married you can go and try some on to see what styles you prefer on. You can get wedding dresses at Wed2b stores from £99-£599. The experts say 8-6 months before you get married incase the dress has to be made or altered. Good luck :)

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 4 Jul 2017

I looked and bought mine a couple of months ago and I am getting married next August. It's never too early to have a look if you want too but don't leave it too long x

Adeliee Frost
Adeliee Frost 4 Jul 2017

hi lucy, its not for ages yet, but thats what i was thinking maybe going and trying on the styles i pefer then i know what to be looking for as im not the one to be missing around trying stuff on i hate it so im glad your on the same boat as me lol
and yeah i seen so really nice ones and prices are smashing deffo going to have a look in there and yeah thats what im thinking after when i was a bridemaid i lost so much weight after my child was born and it didnt look right i felt horrible in it and
hi naomi
and awww congratulations and okay thankyou your advice girlies
This is so exciting! xxx

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 4 Jul 2017

Hi Adeliee just take a big breath and take your time otherwise you might regret some of the decisions you make good luck :)

Adeliee Frost
Adeliee Frost 4 Jul 2017

i will do and deffo i dont want that to happen and thankyou xx

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 4 Jul 2017

I'm getting married may 2020 and spoke to the boutique I'm going to when I went to the wedding fayre and booked the wedding. They said it's never too early to have a look and they already had brides buying their dresses for 2020. I've got my appointment in August. At least if I can narrow the style down as no clue at the minute x

Adeliee Frost
Adeliee Frost 4 Jul 2017

aww congrats emma and oh right cool and thats what i thought but my friends think different :( and really? wow... and yes that is true and i think im going to do that lol because me neither and plus the dresses i like they might not look right on me lol x

Vicki Allen
Vicki Allen 5 Jul 2017

Go for it now, its such a wonderful experience and it could take a while before you find the perfect dress. It took me 6 months to find the one I choose and getting married a year tomorrow so have plenty of time for it to be made and alterations etc.

Jayne Timmins
Jayne Timmins 5 Jul 2017

I would probably say about a year in advance x

Chelsey French
Chelsey French 5 Jul 2017

it's never too early!! enjoy it!!

UKbride Member 5 Jul 2017

2 years is nkt too early to start shopping around , you need to try some shapes on first before you look for the details

Amanda Cosgrove
Amanda Cosgrove 7 Jul 2017

I'm going next may as I get married next july and my partner wont be going with me as I think its bad luck

Tara Fitzpatrick
Tara Fitzpatrick 7 Jul 2017

I went last month to look at dresses and ended up buying the 4th one I tried on! It takes about 20 weeks to make and then a few weeks for alterations. I'm only about 6 months from my date, but we only started planning recently. Go and try some on whenever you feel ready, it was a wonderful feeling!

Donna Chiles
Donna Chiles 9 Jul 2017

I brought my dress in December and I get married next month good luck x

Alys Brierley
Alys Brierley 9 Jul 2017

I looked for a designer I liked and found out the nearest place who stocked her and emailed them asking about average prices so I could decide how much to budget hope this helps


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