UKbride Member Request 4 Jul 2017

Need ideas for grooms gift box that he'll open from me on the morning of the...

Need ideas for grooms gift box that he'll open from me on the morning of the wedding! What things have people included? I'm looking for all types of things - funny, sentimental, useful. Got a few little bits like a donts for husbands book and socks but need some more ideas

Joanna Wallace
Joanna Wallace 4 Jul 2017

Precious pictures of you both

Adeliee Frost
Adeliee Frost 4 Jul 2017

do you have kids? if so maybe a dog tag necklace with all the kids names on with the date of birth

or if you dont maybe do dog tag necklace with you and your partners date of birth and name
just a thought xx

Jayne Timmins
Jayne Timmins 5 Jul 2017

I'm doing the same, I will be including, personalised cold feet socks, aftershave, a love letter and whatever else I can think of

Amanda Cosgrove
Amanda Cosgrove 7 Jul 2017

a funny picture of you and him try not on the high street website

Amy B
Amy B 10 Jul 2017

Why don't you try one gift for each of the five senses: see, hear, touch, taste and smell? See: some nice underwear for you. Hear: his favourite bands album/iTunes voucher. Touch: Something like a head massage contraption (or even massage oil for the both of you). Taste: his favourite sweets/an IOU to his favourite restaurant, your treat. Smell: His/your favourite aftershave x

Stacey Hutchinson
Stacey Hutchinson 12 Jul 2017

I think there is a pocketbook guide to marriage that is a humour book that could be quite good


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