Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 4 Jul 2017

The wedding breakfast, we are able to give our guest 3 choices on the...

The wedding breakfast, we are able to give our guest 3 choices on the courses. when picking what to have or offer did you go for what you liked or what you thought most of the guests would prefer? x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 4 Jul 2017

Hi I am having a three course meal for myself as I have wheat and gluten intolerance and nut allergy. My Fiance preferred the buffet option so that is what everyone else is having good luck :)

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 4 Jul 2017

I am planning on giving people the option of vegetarian or not and then pick what i think most people will like. You probably can give people multiple choices but it tends to increase the cost so check with your caterers and your budget x

Julianne Heffernan
Julie Heffernan 4 Jul 2017

We have chosen afternoon tea as its what we like. You are paying for it so choose what you want to eat, the guests are just happy with whatever they get. X

Jayne Timmins
Jayne Timmins 4 Jul 2017

If you are giving them a choice then I would choose one you think will be a crowd pleaser , and one that yourselves will love. Anything with chocolate usually goes down well for dessert!

Tara Fitzpatrick
Tara Fitzpatrick 7 Jul 2017

I think picking a meat, fish and veggie option is probably the easiest way to please everyone, but choose things that you know you like as well!

Alys Brierley
Alys Brierley 9 Jul 2017

My sister is having what she likes . Which is a lot of cheese haha I'm not having a wedding breakfast I'm having a BBQ because that's what we like lots of meat . Do what you want don't think about others it's your day you payed a lot of money for may aswell have what you want

UKbride Member 9 Jul 2017

We are having hog roast because thats what we like if people dont like it tough.

Beth Bryant
Beth Bryant 11 Jul 2017

We gave two options and one veggie option. We chose one that we wanted and one we thought others would like :) Worked out really well because the options came back about even! x


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