Stephanie Deacon
Stephanie D 29 Jun 2017

Photographers are so hard to pick

Photographers are so hard to pick

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 29 Jun 2017

Hi tell me about it they cost so much don't know what to do :)

Stephanie Deacon
Stephanie D 29 Jun 2017

Same here and you never know which is good or not.

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 29 Jun 2017

There are so many as well that all seem to do exactly the same x

UKbride Member 30 Jun 2017

Ive picked our local college lecturer and she is bringing a student. Fresh approach and ideas teamed with expertise!!

Amy B
Amy B 30 Jun 2017

Have a look at amateur photographers, they will cost next to nothing as they want the experience, and don't forget these people highly likely had training but not enough experience to call themselves 'professional' I saw a post on here saying that's what a lady did and the pictures are fantastic x

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 30 Jun 2017

We have booked ours now and we don't get married until march 2019. We have a husband and wife team they will arrive at 12 and leave at 9 and all the pictures get put on a memory stick, we are paying £925. We had some silly quotes.

Stephanie Deacon
Stephanie D 30 Jun 2017

Was going look at amateur's but worryed about getting rip off.

Kate Smith
Kate Smith 30 Jun 2017

It is difficult to find a decent photographer indeed... That's why I asked a friend of mine to shoot my wedding. She's an amateur but I think she's very talented. :)


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