Lucy Hill
Lucy Hill 22 Jun 2017

Has anyone bought bridesmaids dresses from jj's house? Do they come as seen...

Has anyone bought bridesmaids dresses from jj's house? Do they come as seen in pictures and fit perfectly. I'm a bit dubious buying online but they are sooo much cheaper

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 22 Jun 2017

I haven't sorry. You could check their returns policy or just order 1 first so you can see what they are like x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 22 Jun 2017

Hi have a look at the reviews before you decide what to do I have been looking at the site myself but still unsure what to do :)

Kathrine Rudland
Kathrine Rudland 22 Jun 2017

My mother bought her wedding dress from there several years ago (small 2nd time wedding) the dress was horrendous even though measurements were sent as requested it was totally I'll fitting and even my grandmother a seemstress of over 40 years struggled to get it wearable. The communication wasn't at best and returns ect just made it more hassle than worth. As I say this was 5 years ago so may very well have changed but our experience was not good x

Lucy Hill
Lucy Hill 23 Jun 2017

Thanks guys I will look into it a bit more. Anyone got any suggestions of places that are badly priced but good quality? Xxx

Melissa Desales
Melissa Desales 23 Jun 2017

Welcome & congrats x

Michelle Gerencser
Michelle Gerencser 26 Jun 2017

I would check their reviews. Have you tried ASOS? I just ordered one yesterday for one of mine, and they have a good sale on.xx


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