UKbride Member Request 19 Jun 2017

Help! My dad doesn't want my 'auntie' to be invited to my wedding because...

Help! My dad doesn't want my 'auntie' to be invited to my wedding because she's quite a vile human, she is arrogant, and has to have everything about her, she even turned up late to my mums funeral! (which is why my dad is against her coming.) I've spoke to my grandma and she says she'd be upset if she didn't get an invite, so much so that she went behind my back and told my other auntie and uncle to boycott the wedding if this other auntie doesn't come. I don't particularly want her there but I also don't want the hassle of people saying things behind my back. My dad's also paying for some of my wedding so I feel I should do this one thing for him, I don't want my day to be ruined because of this one woman

Louisee Bailey
Louisee Bailey 19 Jun 2017

If u don't like the woman I wouldn't feel bad, it's ur day and ur feelings.. don't let anyone make u feel otherwise. Do what u believe is right.. and just remember you only want to remember the good things about ur wedding day not "my aunt turned up late" or "my aunt did this or that" it's YOUR DAY! You want to remember "me and my husband did this or that" and ur the only one allowed to be late to the wedding 😘😘😘 good luck xxxx

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 19 Jun 2017

Hi do what you want it is your day to be honest your Grandma doesn't seem very supportive good luck :)

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 19 Jun 2017

You need to do what you want not your dad and not your grandma. What will make you happy and relaxed on the day? Then just be honest with everyone x

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 21 Jun 2017

Ultimately it is your day and it is your decision, do what makes you happy, however just from personal experience, sometimes it is a lot less stressful to invite someone you don't like and have to spend all of 5 minutes speaking to them on the day in order to keep the peace in the long run, but this solution isn't for everybody. Good luck!


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