UKbride Member Request 15 Jun 2017

I get married in a few weeks and I'm already worrying about changing my...

I get married in a few weeks and I'm already worrying about changing my name. Taking hubbys surname, ordered 2 extra copies of marriage certificate.. how hard is it gettin name changed with mortgage companies, utility providers, dvla, hmrc etc from anyone whose already done it? Thanks x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 15 Jun 2017

Oh come on it can't be that bad people do it all the time :)

Rebecca Barnes
Rebecca Barnes 15 Jun 2017

Have you tried searching Pinterest? There are often a list of places to contact and think of when changing your surname. Having not gone through this, then I can't give any personal advice. But it feels that you've done the right thing to get 2 copies of the certificate!

Sarah Gibbs
Sarah Gibbs 15 Jun 2017

I'm anxious about this too even though people do it all the time lol I am just a worrier x

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 15 Jun 2017

From friends that have done it I don't think it is that hard. People will just need proof from your manage certificate that you really are still who you say you are x

Kim Matthews
Kim Matthews 17 Jun 2017

Is everyone changing their name? I am not changing mine, I never get why women do this! Our children have both our surnames.

Annette Cole
Annette Cole 21 Jun 2017

It can't be that hard, just Google it most place just update it worst case they just ask for a copy of your marriage certificate x


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