Anna Darwood
Anna Darwood 11 Jun 2017

What is everyone doing with +1's on the guest list? Are you invited...

What is everyone doing with +1's on the guest list? Are you invited everyones partners? I would like to but its really adding up but don't know if it is rude to only invite some partners to the evening?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 11 Jun 2017

Hi Hanna just invite the ones you know :)

Jayne Timmins
Jayne Timmins 11 Jun 2017

we have invited partners I think it would be awkward if we hadn't

Kirsty Jarman
Kirsty Jarman 11 Jun 2017

If they are engaged or have been together years then invite them. Dont include everyones 1 you never know where they will be by the time your wedding comes around xx

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 11 Jun 2017

I am only inviting plus ones that I know well to the day time and others to the evening x

Nikki Steele
Nikki Steele 11 Jun 2017

Hi I would invite a 1 wouldn't want any1 coming alone it's the eight thing to do I think

Nikki Steele
Nikki Steele 11 Jun 2017

Iright thing lol

Stacey Hutchinson
Stacey Hutchinson 12 Jun 2017

If you don't know them, I wouldn't invite them and if you invite all plus ones so no ones lonely you will probably end up with some random people at your wedding

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 12 Jun 2017

I have made it a rule that If friends/cousins are married their partner is invited tot he whole day, but if they are not I am inviting partners to the evening only, i am limited with how many guests I can have during the day and plus ones take up to much space I would rather reserve for friends I actually want at the wedding, if my venue was bigger I would consider inviting the plus ones.

Anna Darwood
Anna Darwood 12 Jun 2017

Thanks everyone - really helpful hearing your views. We will be inviting husbands/wives but its more those in a relationship... We created a list and there just ends up being so many who we don't really know or we have had to consider bumping friends which I really didn't want!

Alys Brierley
Alys Brierley 12 Jun 2017

We have gave 2 people plus ones . The rest of them all have their partners coming but because we know them as a couple . The two people who do have plus ones is my sister and my uncle they are free to bring whoever they want . I wouldn't call the other halves you know plus ones as that's abit rude


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