Heather Bradbury
Heather Bradbury 5 Jun 2017

Hello. Has anyone had a real budget wedding. My partner has ptsd from the...

Hello. Has anyone had a real budget wedding. My partner has ptsd from the army and has been very poorly for a few years. He doesn't work and I'm his full time carer. We don't have a lot of money but have decided after I proposed that we wanted to get married after 8 years together. But obviously money is tight. Any money saving tips would be fab.

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 5 Jun 2017

Get married out of season. That really helps drop prices and gives you more room to haggle with suppliers. Also make a list of what you really must have and what you would like if you could. Then work on the must haves and add in any wants if you have spare money after haggling. Good luck x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 5 Jun 2017

Hi Heather also get married mid week as this is cheaper good luck :)

Rachel Squire
Rachel Squire 5 Jun 2017

Places like ebay and amazon have been great for bargins such as shoes,bridesmaid dress etc. Congratulations i hope it goes well xx

UKbride Member 5 Jun 2017

Registry office and then village hall sit down buffet done by family and friends or a bring your own picnic. Dont get dress in a wedding shop or bridal section. Dont get flowers , ring from birmingham jewellery quarter for a bargin. No bridesmaids. Do the cake yourself.

UKbride Member 5 Jun 2017

Why don't you speak to the British Legion or another forces charity? I am RAF so I'm no expert on Army ones, but they exist I bet they would be willing to help you out. Also there are hotels in London owned by the forces, such as the Victory Services club which have rooms for doo's etc that will be super cheap

Sharon  Fowles
Sharon Fowles 11 Jun 2017

ive just got my dress, petticoat corset & veil off Ebay for just £65..Shoes were off there too. £7, few months ago, & my brides maids dresses too.... We are having a registry office wedding, taxis to get us there, & reception at local social club/pub & finger buffet.. followed by 1 night in local hotel.. If i can get sitter for my son.. We are aiming for fun, & comfortable. Rather than going somewhere posh & have the worry of kids breaking something or food being to fancy... Its your day, all that really matters is you marry the man you love & live happy ever after...


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