Chelsey Bridges
Chelsey Bridges 3 Jun 2017

When did every one start actively planning their wedding and booking things...

When did every one start actively planning their wedding and booking things my weddings in 2 years is it way to soon?

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 3 Jun 2017

I don't think it's too soon. I started as soon as I was engaged which was about 18 months before the day. Non of the suppliers I spoke to were surprised I was contacting them that early. Good luck and enjoy x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 3 Jun 2017

Hi Chelsey it is never too soon time just keeps marching on :)

Rachel Squire
Rachel Squire 3 Jun 2017

I got engaged in January to be married in September. Im pretty much sorted but it has been very full on.

Jayne Timmins
Jayne Timmins 3 Jun 2017

I would start looking at venues now and maybe everything else about 18 months before

Sadie Heads
Sadie Heads 3 Jun 2017

I started planning almost 2 years before the wedding and I have now only got 3 thing left to do :) 7 months to get to this point xx

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 3 Jun 2017

It's never too early to start!

UKbride Member 4 Jun 2017

Yep 2 years before for my and 54 days to go!ahhhh!

Carly Smith
Carly Smith 4 Jun 2017

I got engaged last week and have started already! We haven't got a date yet either x

Nicola Watson
Nicola Watson 4 Jun 2017

I started planning in Jan 2017 for wedding in July 2018. Booking all the important things- venue, photographer, dress appointments, transport as alot of these in my town/area book up quickly.
But its never too early to start, good luck with planning ur wedding x

Kayleigh Aldred
Kayleigh Aldred 4 Jun 2017

no not too soon, you have time to get everything perfect and enjoy it without having to rush :-) it's your day, do it however you want to :-)

Stacey Hutchinson
Stacey Hutchinson 5 Jun 2017

Hi Chelsey, we started planning ours 2 years before. It's never too early and if you want to book people its better to do it earlier.

Vicki Allen
Vicki Allen 5 Jun 2017

The sooner the better, especially if you have specific things you are after. The good ones always get booked up really soon.

Faye Mulholland
Faye Mulholland 13 Jun 2017

Were looking to get married in August 2019 a d are venue viewing next weekend and looking for suppliers now :)


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