UKbride Member Request 31 May 2017

I'm thinking of wearing a fresh flower crown for my wedding in July next...

I'm thinking of wearing a fresh flower crown for my wedding in July next year. Has anyone worn a fresh flower crown before? I love the look of a crown but I'm worried that it won't be comfortable and will be so delicate I won't be able to take it off to brush my hair throughout the day? Has anyone had any experience who could advise?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 31 May 2017

Hi I have no experience of this but if you are lucky enough to have brilliant weather they might wilt :)

UKbride Member 4 Jun 2017

They are great i wore one for our handfasting last year and im wearing one for our wedding in july! It was quite thick last year with ribbon hanging down this one will be thinner but with a corsage of roses at the side just behind my ear. Just make sure its fits properly and the flowers are not so delicate they fall out! I had corn spears in mine last year as it was put on my fiances head during the ritual and so needed to show masculine as well as frminie aspects. Im not a tiara princess bride!!

UKbride Member 4 Jun 2017

One more thing make sure the florist uses the right thickness and strength of wire mine was a tad bendy but only needed for a couple of hours


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