Ericka Dominguez
Ericka Dominguez 30 May 2017

Where do you even start to save for your wedding? I've been engaged for...

Where do you even start to save for your wedding? I've been engaged for almost two months now and all I want to do is plan my wedding but realistically how am I supposed to afford £10,000. And advice on how to save up?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 31 May 2017

Hi Ericka I don't know what to tell you as I have always been good at saving :)

Hannah Murray
Hannah Murray 31 May 2017

Create a list of the things you want for your wedding and what you would expect to pay for this, then have a look at suppliers and their websites and see if they have price lists, ask for quotes and put what you will actually be spending on your wedding for the things you want.

From there, you can make decisions on what you definitely want and need and you can start getting rid of the things you could do without.

Take into account your current income and. Thin looking at venues, you might find it cheaper to just get married and have the reception at the same place as well so you don't need cars for example.

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 31 May 2017

We have made cut backs on other things, like take shopping for clothes, holidays days out we put the money we would spend in a jar, we still have days out but not as many, we are not having a holiday next year all the money is saving for the wedding. We also have money go straight into a different bank account when we get paid so we don't miss it as it's gone straight away. If you won't your wedding that bad you will save! I'm surprised at myself lol. Good luck xxx

Rachel Squire
Rachel Squire 31 May 2017

Ive nearly done everything and its cost around 7000. I was saying for around two years as was my partner, plus family helped a bit too. Try putting so much away in to a savings account every month x

Jayne Timmins
Jayne Timmins 31 May 2017

I would suggest setting up a direct debit so you make monthly contributions into a wedding account, may need to open a savings account? Ask if parents are wiling to make a donation or pay for flowers or dress etc, it does take time. My fiance and I have saved for 4 years for our wedding and have been gifted some money also

Alys Brierley
Alys Brierley 31 May 2017

I save abit a month for gifts luckily my fiancé has saved for his wedding since being young

Sadie Heads
Sadie Heads 3 Jun 2017

If you can't afford £10000 don't set your hopes on a big £10000 wedding. I would have loved to go all out but we simply could not afford it. Our budget is £2000 and that's all we are spending xx

UKbride Member 4 Jun 2017

Pay as you go use a percentage of your income each month and work out a spread of costs each month to match ive spent £13,000 over 2 years doing it like this! You dont need to save! I just have a small florist bill to pay and alterations and small extras and drinks to buy. Hair and make up and hotel to.


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