UKbride Member Request 15 Aug 2023

Low income maid of honours

Hi all Interested in people's thoughts. I've asked my 2 best friends to be my maid of honours (couldn't choose between them) and they happily accepted! I've been looking online and getting different answers on what those in this role traditionally pay for. Both are on low incomes, one a student, but also very independently minded women. I understand that whilst myself and the groom are on fairly good incomes, weddings aren't cheap. Equally I don't want 2 people who are very important to me, stressing and potentially needing to withdraw due to something not completely in their control like money. Or one being ok but the other struggling. My main thought with a maid of honour is being on the journey with me, sounding board, helping planning/organising and emotional support. Has anyone come across similar and how have they supported MoH's?



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