UKbride Member Request 30 Aug 2022

Plus 1

Do all guests need to have a plus1? One of our guests has split from her partner (who will not be attending the wedding). Hubby to Bes mum wants us to let our guest (a family friend) to bring her adult daughter as a plus 1 but I don’t really know her and on the occasions we have met, we’ve never gelled really so I don’t want her to attend. H2B thinks she’ll need a plus 1 as it’s not nice to go to a wedding without one. I said she can go with his mum and her other friend so she’s not alone (we would sit her with them as well). With everything going up I don’t want to pay for someone to eat at our wedding when I don’t really want them there anyway but h2b thinks I’m being unreasonable. Thoughts/opinions please?

Laura Roberts
L Rob 30 Aug 2022

I personally don’t think it is unreasonable.
I don’t think everyone needs a plus one, just because they are now single. If they already know a group of people there also. However adding one on to keep the peace could make sense however if you’re already limiting your guest list, you can’t justify someone you don’t really know?

Hollie Summerfield-Brice
Hollie Summerfield-Brice 29 Jan 2023

We won’t be having 1s
Weddings are expensive and for someone you don’t know to be paying for their day it’s not always doable financially and people who love you understand that


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